Thursday, April 30, 2009

11 days post op!

Ok so my weight has stayed fairly static. 9kg loss and no more. I wondered if maybe I am putting myself into starvation mode? So today I am making an effort to up my food intake. I have also bought some liquid vitamins and some protein powder, so that I can up both of those things. I have found out that protein assists with healing so I will pop that on any food I can to up it.

I have had issues with reflux, seems thankfully that the medication the dr gave me is working! Woo Hoo, I pity those that suffer from reflux or heartburn. Its terrible!

I have started to use bio-oil on my scars, spoke to the lady at the health food shop, she said it was ok to put them on as long as they had sealed. So I have started that today.

I am still feeling hungry, I am not sure if its just growling or actual hunger. Thats why I decided to up my food intake to see if I can remedy that.

My water intake isn't as good as it should be but I am working on that, I suppose I should start to exercise soon too.

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