Friday, May 1, 2009

I feel like I have hit a wall today. I haven't lost any weight for 3 days, and today I put on 200grams. How the hell does that happen?? I wonder if I have sent my body into starvation mode because I just don't feel the need to eat. So I am only eating 3 times a day, where as it should be 6 times. I have tried to up my water intake. Thats tough when you are supposed to eat 6 times a day, and not drink 10 minutes prior or 1/2 an hour after a meal!
I haven't done any exercise yet. I am using the excuse that my tummy is still too sore, but I know its not! I might take Sarah and her bike down the coast tomorrow and she can ride and I'll walk along side her. Might see if mum wants to come with us. I have said I will up my food intake and today I have only managed 1/2 a shake and its 10am. Not going so smoothly yet!!

Lastnight I had some blended chicken and vegies, was really looking forward to it, but I think I must have picked while I was blending it. Sat on the couch to eat dinner, hands went clammy, felt sick, did the bolt and I threw up. First time since being in hospital, I think I must have picked more than I thought and not chewed it properly.

So my goal, drink more water and eat more, and hopefully I will see some results! Not to lose site of the fact that I have lost 9kg in 22days. But when it falls off like that and it stops its hard not to be disappointed!


  1. Lib, its a fairly standard thing post surgery. Your body is getting used to eating food again. You have to remember that for 10 days before surgery, and a few after it lived on liquid, and liquid alone really.

    Give it a few more days and you will continue to loose weight. its just an adjustment phase. I am suprised your doctor didnt explain that to you, it tends to happen to every weight loss person after surgery.

  2. oh really? that sucks. you will start to lose weight again in a few days hon, its just your body adjusting to the different nutritional content.

    hang in there hon, it took my mum a few weeks to get into the swing of things afterwards.