Monday, January 31, 2011


I'd work my arse off to make him proud.......

So we made it through January.....

I had a good feeling about 2011. I have no idea why but I just did. So welcome to February!!

January has seen the rekindling of a friendship...which I am really happy about. It's seen the start of year one for my daughter. A visit from a friend from up north, and the beginings of a wonderful journey for her.

I have something on EVERY weekend in Feb. That NEVER happens. So I'm gonna live it up!!

And I think its finally time that I quit smoking. Since my op, I have had an aversion to the smell of it. I didn't have one for at least 3 months post op, then stupidly took it up again. Everyday I witness people dying from smoking related illness. I know better, I honestly do. But I have no idea why I continue to do it. I don't like the smell nor the taste. I only have one or two a day....I don't smoke at work...that was as a result of trying to prove a point to a colleague about how much time she was spending outside smoking instead of working. So I think that its time I gave it a serious go.

I am finally the size I have always wanted to its time to work on my fitness. We'll see how I go! I'm not very good at keeping new years resolution isn't going so well. My intention was to go to bed early and read instead of wasting hours in front of the computer or tv......well lastnight I managed to waster hours in fron tof both...headed to bed at 11.30pm.....and read for 1/2 an hour. So it seems like I am rebelling....against myself :P

Thursday, January 27, 2011

*suicide mentioned* I feel such a desperate need to help educate...

but I have no idea where to start. Its become apparent to me that a lot of people don't appreciate the finality of death. Today I was talking to a colleague who works for a different company. They are currently involved with 2 families of young suicide victims. One 13, one 14, one a gunshot wound, one a hanging. That to me is amazing. Amazing that 2 people so young could even contenplate suicide, let alone do it successfully. Its devistating, and it makes me wonder do they do it because they have lost all hope, or because they think "I'll show 'em". Do they not realise that its final. Over. Done. No coming back from it? It breaks my heart that there are children (and adults) out there who are so desperate that they can see no other solution.

I wonder if along with sex education we should be talking about depression, and where to get help, and who to talk to.

Its all well and good for a child who thinks no one cares to have 100's of people turn up to their funeral. Its too late then for people to be sprouting about what a wonderful person they were. Tell the people you love and care about now, how much they mean to you. Don't let them ever feel like they are alone. People need to be told they matter. That you love them. Please if you know someone who is suffering, reach out, tell them you care. Love them, and help them see that they matter to you.

I am so desperate to get out there and educate people, but I have no idea where to start. Life doesn't need to end, it needs to improve, and hopefully we can help people fix whatever it is that makes them feel unimportant.

**disclaimer** I know that for people with mental health issues, this runs much deeper, but more and more I am witnessing people (read: children) who are doing this because they have no friends (or think they have no friends), or they get a note sent home from the teacher and they are terrified of a parents response. Its just so horrific :( And we as a community need to do something about it.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The importance of asking for help........especially for men

This blog just breaks my heart. I have been following Lori's blog for a while. She is awesome. She is funny and her blog is well worth a read.

But.....recently her husband had what I think is a manic episode, and hung himself, he did it in front of her, he survived, and Lori had to make the heartbreaking decision to turn off his life support. The blog now consists of her journey of grief. Its heartbreaking, you can hear her pain in her words. People close to her are telling her that she is too raw on her blog, that she probably shouldn't be blogging about his death and her grief. But I get it. I understand why in this day and age, she feels the need to blog. Blogging is thereputic for a lot of people, and a lot of Lori's friends are from her blog followers list.

Lori is trying to get the message out there (Particularly to men) about the importance of opening up. In her eulogy to Tony she emplored the men at the service to speak up if something was bothering them. I hope that this entry can encourage you to ask your men (or if you are one) to speak up.

Life is about living, not struggling to survive. If someone you know needs help with depression please get them to contact Beyond Blue .

Monday, January 24, 2011

Share the love

A friend had a great idea about a share the love blog. If you want to get in on the action, click the above link!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

As summer holidays come to an end......

My baby is starting grade 1 on Monday. I miss having a baby, but as much as I say I'd love another one, I am really loving her at 6. She is just so much fun. This week daddy has been on holidays and off his own bat he has spent the entire week with her. It's been lovely for them to spend som quality one on one time together. I feel such a buzz knowing that he had the opportunity to send her to vacation care, but he opted to spend time with her.

This week I had the pleasure of spending some time with a friend I made on the Internet. We have met on two other occasions, one being when she flew down to surprise me at a coffee meet. She flew down with her baby just to see me. What an awesome chick...anyway I digress....this week she flew down to have the gastric sleeve done. She was booked to be done in cairns, but wasn't happy with her surgeon, so decided to come down to mine. I picked her up at the airport, and took her to some appointments to get ready for surgery the next day. The poor bugger was so nervous, but it made my heart sing when she told me that she felt at ease with my surgeon. I was nervous for her, I kinda felt a little bit of responsibility for her well being while she was here and so far from her loved ones. But I am so very please to report that her op went well, and she heads off home tomorrow to recover in the comfort of her own home. I know ghat this will be life changingnfor her and I am so proud of her making the decision to change her life and her sons life. Its onwards and upwards for her from here. Bring on a safe and gentle journey for her. I love her lots and lots xo who would have ever thought that the internet could be responsible for such a beautiful friendship!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The devastation....

It's so hard to put into words the devastation that Qld has experienced this month.
Its been such an emotional time, and for someone who hasn't been affected personally , I can't even begin to comprehend what it'd be like to be there in the front line. I am finding the coverage difficult to watch. Not because I want to bury my head in the sand and pretend it doesn't exist, but because I can't get out there and help. Due to the nature of our business I know that we will be needed eventually, and its terrible knowing that there is so many people out there unaccounted for. The absolute panic people must be in. There are parents who can't locate children, children who can't locate parents. Its just to incomprehensible. I hope that the community can come together and ease the suffering of those in need.....even if its just a tiny bit.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Stylish blogger award!!

I got a blog award from Megan over at Living a truly blessed life! Thank you Megan!! To recieve this award I have to:

* Thank and link back to the person who gave me this award.
* Share 7 things about myself.
* Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great bloggers.
* Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 things about me:

1. I love to wander the shops. Not to spend money just to wander.
2. I am a people watcher. Could do it all day!
3. I over dramatise things.....just ask my dad!!
4. I'm a my head.....everything is so romantic up here!!
5. I watch too much TV and should read more
6. I am skinny. Never ever thought I'd be able to say that
7. I love being a mummy. Its the best job in the world.

Oh My Freaking God this has been much harder than it looks, and I couldn't get the links to work properly with blog names instead of addresses!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

An update on my princess....

Well its all done, and she's sleeping it off at home with Daddy. They took out one tooth, capped another one, filled a couple, and put a space saver where they took the tooth out. She has one disolvable stitch. I am glad she's sleeping cause they gave her a local and she didn't like the feeling of her face being numb, so hopefully when she wakes up that will have worn off. I just hope the recovery is nice and smooth for her. She wouldn't just put the mask on so thye had to give her a sedative, so I dare say thats hy she's taking so long to wake up, rather than the general knocking her around. Poor monkey. I hate seeing her like that. About 20 minutes after she had the sedative (which took some convincing to get her to take) her eyes were rolling back in her head and she was floppy. We (I!) still had to hold her down for them to be able to get the mask on her God I feel like I've been through the wringer today Not as bad as she'll feel when she wakes up though


Hey and happy new year to you all!
Its 5am and I am up at stupid o'clock for a good reason. My baby girl is having her teeth done today under GA, the dentist has no idea what needs doing, because she refused to even get up in the chair for an examination. All the dentist knows is that my darling is waking with a tooth ache. She can't eat after 5am, and her appointment is at 11am, so we got up at 4.30 to feed her!

I have taken her to the dentist 3 times, in the hope to encourage good healthy dental habits. The first dentist hurt her, the 2nd dentist got so far as having a tooth ready for filling, and she refused to let them do anymore, and the 3rd the other day when we organised for today. Its an extreme way to deal with it, but hopefully today's visit is positive. One thing I have promised is that she'll never have to go and see the pediatric dentist again, or at least this one. How she ever got into pediatric dental work amazes me! She told S that she HAD to get into the chair, and if she didn't she'd send mummy away! Reassuring to a six year old? No? No I didn't think so either!

I have found S's currency. The day we went to the dentist I booked her into dancing through school. She has wanted to do it for ages, so I told her that I would organise for dancing if she was brave at the dentist. Ah... blackmail at its finest!!

She's actually being much braver than I expected. I hope it doesn't all fall apart at the seams when we get there!
She is expecting a mask with 'giggle gas' in it. She's been telling everyone her latest joke, what goes ha ha ha *snore*? Sarah.....on giggle gas!

So fingers crossed for a successful appointment today!!

Onto other things!

So my first skinny healthy New Years has come and gone, and for a night spent at home I had a lot of fun! My husband bought me 3 little bottles of champagne. I said to him, why did you buy 3???? Theres no way I'll ever get through 3!! Well turns out we were 50/50. I did manage 2. The funny thing with this sleeve is that alcohol leaves me legless very very quickly, but I sober up very very quickly too. So the first bottle left me being stupid, the 2nd bottle said go to bed or you'll pay for it tomorrow. So I went to bed, woke up hangover free and ready to get out and enjoy life in 2011. I told my husband that 2011 is our year. Our year to really work on US, as a couple and a family!! My year was 2009-2010 and I took up a lot of time for my recovery and they stood by me through the lenghty process it was. So far so good!!

Bring it on.....and happy new year!