Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another year comes to an end....and we know what that means!!??

I have never been one to stick to a resolution. Mostly because they were to go on a diet, or to get fit. But this year I want to set one that is entirely achievable, so I will.

My resolution for 2011, is to go to bed!! I waste so much time sitting in front of my laptop, watching so much mind numbing television, when I could be in bed. I am going to start reading again. I love to disappear into a book, and really have no excuse what so ever to not be reading. I have a heap of non fiction books and also some motivational books in a pile to read. So I am going to start tonight. I might have to be Reading on the couch for a while before bed, but I aim to turn the TV off by 9-930 and lose myself. My DD is still needing to be taken to the toilet about 10.30pm so bedtime for me gets put off so I can take her to the toilet. I'd rather go to bed later and not have to do a load of washing before work in the morning.

So I will try to start tonight!! Will see how I go, its an easy one to stick to.....but I bet I don't...but isn't that the whole point of resolutions?

Friday, December 17, 2010

My first taste of negativity...

and it doesn't bother me really because its not someone I know. Someone posted this about me in a forum I visit:
No offence but what is not exercising doing for your health? Nothing good. I would be concerned about your bone density, cardiovascular health and well being. Just because you are "skinny" now doesn't mean you are healthy and well from those photos you even looked a little bit drained and even undernourished.

I think going the surgery is cheating and lazy and will not have any good long term health effects if you do not combine it with exercise! Makes me sad.

My reply:
When a lot of the skinner photos were taken I was drained and under nourished. The surgery hasn't been an easy fix. I am 32. What would you rather I do, stay fat for the rest of my life? I tried on my own and I failed. Hundreds of times. I didnt go into this lightly. It cost me a lot of money, time and tears. I wondered if I'd done the right thing, my family thought I'd die because I lost too much weight. This has been far from easy.

But its had the desired outcome, and now I can stay awake for a whole day, I don't need to nap on the couch after going shopping at 10am. I have energy, last night my daughter and I even ran, just to the toilets whilst out, but 2 years ago, I would have been puffingn like an idiot and knocking people over.

I am not ashamed of what I have done, I am now where I want to be and after years of failure I intend to enjoy myself.