Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2 years since my last update!

These goals were from my last blog:

So its time to set some goals!

  • Get on a plane (I have a flight booked for Late September!!!) Done, and I have done 2 flights since, I've also go a holiday booked to FIJI in 2015!
  •  I want to learn how to run. I have new shoes. I have the C25K program on my phone. I just haven't done anything about it. Did that, didn't like it :P
  • Spend less time on the computer.....I'm working on this......I have deleted the games I play on facebook........but I seem to have replaced it with mindless browsing! I am no longer an active forum member on any forums.
  • De-clutter and get our house ready to list for sale........I am working on this. I have had a bit of an ebay fire sale happening!! Although I did acquire a bread maker on Tuesday.....thats not going very well to help me de-clutter...... Sold our house and bought our dream home, we've been living there for over 12 months
  • drink less coffee Yeah....not happening
  • give more blood (I gave blood yesterday, I'd like to make it a regular occurrence. I have re-booked for November.) I'm not allowed to give blood anymore, my iron and B12 is too low
  • read more - Hasn't happened either.....

I guess its time to reasses my goals, I'm pretty happy with that result!!