Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feeling a little fragile today!

I have no idea why, but the morning drop offs at school leave me feeling teary. I don't know why, not sure if its the over whelming amount of parents trying to jostle for space at the prep classroom, or the kids arguing all the way to school. Bec drops her 2 off at my place in the morning, and I take 2 to prep and 1 to daycare.

I used to drop the kids off at 8 and be at work by 8.15. Now Bec drops the kids off at 7, and we leave my place at 8. And then its a mad rush, from daycare, then to school, negotiating the cars (one of which nearly reversed over one of my nieces today)and then I rush to be at work on time. Its mentally exhausting. And I am spent by the time I get to work at 9! Its not really that hard, but it just seems like it!

I guess it doesn't help that I am tired. I really need to set myself a bed time and stick to it. Last night I went to bed at 11.30pm and the princess comes flying down the hall at 5am. Then decides she wants to chat. So I got a little over 4 1/2 hours sleep last night!

We are currently looking for another admin staff member, and I will get them to do 9-5 so I will start doing 8.30-4.30. That extra 30 minutes at night makes all the difference. I just hope this job search goes easily, why is it so hard to find someone suitable!

Anyway, that's my whinge, its taken me so long to do this blog that I am almost over it!! My brother has said that we might be able to do drop off and pick up share. Our kids all go to the same school and all need to be there at the same time, so we might all meet at work then we all do turn about in the mornings. That would be so nice!

Update after Dr's appointment.

OK so have been to GP, Surgeon and neurologist.

GP has written me a script for PREDNISONE which is a steroid to work like an inflamitory. Hopefully it will get the vein/nerve back to normal size and my leg will have normal bloodflow and get its feeling back. I have to wean off them after taking them for 7 days. If the steroids don't work, I'll see an orthepedic surgeon for a simple procedure call decompression surgery.

The surgeon (for the sleeve) said that I need to slow down my weightloss now. My BMI is getting on the low side instead of healthy. But I have no idea how to do that. I need a high calorie diet, but I just dont feel the need to eat much!

I went shopping yesterday, I now have 10A bras :crying: My poor boobies! I also bought a new skirt, its really nice but its a bit big around the waist, its a 10 :shock: Looks like soon I will be an 8. OMFG I never ever even thought it possible. I am a bit worried about my bones sticking out a bit now. You could almost hang a coat hanger from my shoulder blades.

A guy I havent seen since the op came into work on friday and said I look like an empty pencil case. not sure if thats good or not :P

Had a pretty relaxing weekend, after sorting out some initial dramas.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update after neuroligist visit!

I have been to see a neurologist today about the numbness in my legs. Turns out its not a B12 deficency (which he said is quite an unusal thing to have anyway), its from crossing my legs. Now that I don't have the padding on my knees anymore, my knee cap pushes on the nerve that helps my leg function. He said I have no muscle tone in my shin. He could see that by just looking at it. He said I could wear a brace on my ankle to stop ''ankle drop" which I have, and it has caused a few falls, but it shouldn't be necessary. He is sending a report to my dr and will put me on some meds to reduce the inflamation in the nerve and says it should be back to normal in a few weeks. they can do it by a needle or tablets so just to wait and see now what the dr does. If that doesn't work in 4 weeks he said an orthapedic surgeon can cut into my leg and release something that should fix it. So I'll pop off to the dr on friday (when he should have the report) and get these meds into me. I think he said that the injection would be cortizone? I have been walking a bit weird to compensate for my droopy foot, so that should go back to normal soon too!

Also on the weight side of things, seems I have finally stablised. I haven't lost any weight for about 3 weeks and I have also been able to manage a fairly normal diet.

So hooray, I think I might be coming right!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

First day at school...

Well today is my little princess' first day at prep. Strangely weird that she has a public holiday tomorrow, but I guess a short week is good for their first week.

I was a bit teary when I drove out of there. She looked so little and alone, but she wandered off to do something so I tore myself away. I just can't believe that my little darling is out in the big wide world. No one to wipe her bum, tie her shoes, no more one on one time. No more running around in her undies all day with no shoes on!

I took a photo of her out the front of the house so we could look back on them in years to come.

So its done, the hurdle of the first day. I love that little girl so much, and I was so proud of her this morning.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another day.....

So its another day, and on my way to dropping the kids off to day care I had thoughts over and over about what I would blog about today. Because my life is so very exciting, that I have so much choice :P

Well the little princess starts school in 4 sleeps. This morning when I went to get her up she rolled over and said to me, "Tomorrow is my last day at little school, that's been running through my head all night!" So can you tell she is a little excited? I am actually feeling a little teary about it. I'm not worried about her settling in, shes been in day care since about 8 months, its more about the what if's. Kids are cruel, I know because I was the cruel kid at school. I worry about nits. About having to comb one of those fine tooth combs through her long locks (which she wont let me cut!) I also worry about her being one of the cruel kids. I would hate for my child to be the aggressor :( I worry too much.


We went out for dinner on Saturday night with Mum, Dad, my family Bec's family and a couple of friends. We went to and we had the nicest night. Bec and I haven't laughed like that for ages. It was so great, we had tears running down our cheeks. It felt great! The kids were great, the cake was great, the company was great, the night was lovely. This is what has us laughing, check out the face :P

I love this photo of the little princess and her nanny from the same night x


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another day..... another post.....

OK so I have had my friend run to the foxtel shop today to pick up the new remote for the little princess. She is going to be very excited, and even better, my friend S (former foxtel salesman, got me a discount, and will get himself back into the princesses good books, after slipping out by not putting christmas lights on his house this year!)

So I have been busy today trying to find a skin I like for my blog, but I just can't find one I am happy with, so the search will continue. I am considering changing the name of my blog, but I wonder if that will be removing the whole purpose of the blog to start with. So readers (pft if anyone reads this) be prepared for different appearances for a few days while I settle on something I like!

I am so in love with the idea of a blog, and I want it to feel nice to read, but honestly I don't think I have that much interesting stuff to post about so it will probably end up being quite mundane, so accept this as my apology before I bore your pants off :P

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hmm not doing so well at keeping up to date!

OK so I said I'd get back into blogging, and I haven't had a very good start! I blame Bec, shes been on holidays and I have been doing both jobs for a week....that a good enough excuse? If its not, too bad :P

We had foxtel installed yesterday, I am looking forward to watching Its a series about people who have had bariatric surgery. The after effects and their journeys. I have been hanging out to see it, so will set up the iQ to start recording this week. Funny thing is after finally convincing A to get foxtel, I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch last night...but don't tell him that!

Sarah and I are off to meet a bunch of friends for coffee on the weekend, and I am under strict instructions (from my little princess) that we are to go to see the foxtel man to buy the kids remote. She is refusing to watch it (she has a box in her "lounge" too) until she has that remote! Can anyone say spoilt brat??

Anyway just a bit of an update on where I am at 'diet' wise. I have an appointment this coming wed with the Neurologist to find out whats going on with my legs. I have been having numbness and now my legs are collapsing under me. Which this weekend ended in carpet burn and an awesome bruise! I haven't lost any weight for about a week, which is great. I was starting to get concerned about where I would stop! So for now I am officially 58.4kg. I was hoping to lose another 400grams so I could say I have lost 50kg, but I am happy with where I am. I am wearing size 10 clothes and can shop off the rack. Its just such an amazing feeling being able to buy whatever I want!

Anyway its home off I'll go!

Friday, January 15, 2010

More pics!

OK so I am not so good at the blog stuff, can't get the pics positioned right, or get it looking quite as nice as I'd like!

So here is a couple more pics to add!

Wow its been a while!

So its been quite a while since I blogged, and its about time I got back into it. Originally this blog was so people could follow me from the start of my weight loss journey. But I am now at the end of really needing to blog about it, so this blog will now be about me. So I'll start with photos of my warned some are a little graphic!


I thought I looked *ok* in this, but wouldn't wear it out!

42kg down......

And this is now 50kg down: