Monday, January 18, 2010

Hmm not doing so well at keeping up to date!

OK so I said I'd get back into blogging, and I haven't had a very good start! I blame Bec, shes been on holidays and I have been doing both jobs for a week....that a good enough excuse? If its not, too bad :P

We had foxtel installed yesterday, I am looking forward to watching Its a series about people who have had bariatric surgery. The after effects and their journeys. I have been hanging out to see it, so will set up the iQ to start recording this week. Funny thing is after finally convincing A to get foxtel, I couldn't find anything I wanted to watch last night...but don't tell him that!

Sarah and I are off to meet a bunch of friends for coffee on the weekend, and I am under strict instructions (from my little princess) that we are to go to see the foxtel man to buy the kids remote. She is refusing to watch it (she has a box in her "lounge" too) until she has that remote! Can anyone say spoilt brat??

Anyway just a bit of an update on where I am at 'diet' wise. I have an appointment this coming wed with the Neurologist to find out whats going on with my legs. I have been having numbness and now my legs are collapsing under me. Which this weekend ended in carpet burn and an awesome bruise! I haven't lost any weight for about a week, which is great. I was starting to get concerned about where I would stop! So for now I am officially 58.4kg. I was hoping to lose another 400grams so I could say I have lost 50kg, but I am happy with where I am. I am wearing size 10 clothes and can shop off the rack. Its just such an amazing feeling being able to buy whatever I want!

Anyway its home off I'll go!

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