Sunday, January 31, 2010

Update after Dr's appointment.

OK so have been to GP, Surgeon and neurologist.

GP has written me a script for PREDNISONE which is a steroid to work like an inflamitory. Hopefully it will get the vein/nerve back to normal size and my leg will have normal bloodflow and get its feeling back. I have to wean off them after taking them for 7 days. If the steroids don't work, I'll see an orthepedic surgeon for a simple procedure call decompression surgery.

The surgeon (for the sleeve) said that I need to slow down my weightloss now. My BMI is getting on the low side instead of healthy. But I have no idea how to do that. I need a high calorie diet, but I just dont feel the need to eat much!

I went shopping yesterday, I now have 10A bras :crying: My poor boobies! I also bought a new skirt, its really nice but its a bit big around the waist, its a 10 :shock: Looks like soon I will be an 8. OMFG I never ever even thought it possible. I am a bit worried about my bones sticking out a bit now. You could almost hang a coat hanger from my shoulder blades.

A guy I havent seen since the op came into work on friday and said I look like an empty pencil case. not sure if thats good or not :P

Had a pretty relaxing weekend, after sorting out some initial dramas.

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