Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another day..... another post.....

OK so I have had my friend run to the foxtel shop today to pick up the new remote for the little princess. She is going to be very excited, and even better, my friend S (former foxtel salesman, got me a discount, and will get himself back into the princesses good books, after slipping out by not putting christmas lights on his house this year!)

So I have been busy today trying to find a skin I like for my blog, but I just can't find one I am happy with, so the search will continue. I am considering changing the name of my blog, but I wonder if that will be removing the whole purpose of the blog to start with. So readers (pft if anyone reads this) be prepared for different appearances for a few days while I settle on something I like!

I am so in love with the idea of a blog, and I want it to feel nice to read, but honestly I don't think I have that much interesting stuff to post about so it will probably end up being quite mundane, so accept this as my apology before I bore your pants off :P

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