Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Goal setting!

Well, I'm certainly not going to win any awards for blogging....except maybe for erratic postings!

Now that I have been stable at my goal weight for so long its time for me to add new goals to my life.

Even though I am 55kg down...I am still me. Still lazy unmotivated me.

I have so much I want to achieve....but so little motivation.

So its time to set some goals!

  • Get on a plane (I have a flight booked for Late September!!!)
  •  I want to learn how to run. I have new shoes. I have the C25K program on my phone. I just haven't done anything about it.
  • Spend less time on the computer.....I'm working on this......I have deleted the games I play on facebook........but I seem to have replaced it with mindless browsing!
  • De-clutter and get our house ready to list for sale........I am working on this. I have had a bit of an ebay fire sale happening!! Although I did acquire a bread maker on Tuesday.....thats not going very well to help me de-clutter......
  • drink less coffee
  • give more blood (I gave blood yesterday, I'd like to make it a regular occurrence. I have re-booked for November.)
  • read more
So there is a few goals for me to set into to get my arse into gear!!!