Tuesday, February 23, 2010

God...I am so slack!

I am so bad at this blogging thing! I decided on the weekend it was time for a change. I wanted to hack off all my hair. I took a pic into the hairdresser for her to have something to work with.
The above is the pic I took in of Katie Holmes, compared to the pic I got taken when I got home. Nothing alike...right?? I actually wanted a fringe, mum hates it when I have my hair slicked back, and I am starting to not like it either. My face is too long and narrow to wear it like that, so next hair cut I will get them to make a fringe. Its settled down heaps now, she fluffed it all up, I like it better when it sits flatter. Now just to get some colour into it, and gloss it up a bit! So this is the shortest my hair has ever been, and now a few days later I am loving it!

I have been watching a show on foxtel lately that is about plastic surgery after weightloss. And its making me want it more and more. I always said after the disaster my last operation was (the recovery really. I always said that I'd never ever have optional surgery again, but my boobs look like envelope flaps when I am standing up, cows udders when I am leaning forward, and pancakes when I am on my back. My thighs flap, my tummy has a little stretched skin that could do with tightening. I have tuckshop lady arms, that seem to be getting worse. I swear people look at the wrinkeld But I feel vain doing that, although I'd really love to!

I do need to get off my butt and join a gym, or at least start walking, I talk about it with the best intentions, but I never do it. Much like diets in the past, and we know where that got me!

Anyway thats enough from me,
Thanks for reading! Talk soon!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The wean starts....

Well I have been on steriods for a week to see if they help my leg recover from nerve damage. It seems to be working!! I have started to wean off them, which is weird, who would have thought 1 week of pills then a week to wean off them! But finally I feel like I am able to walk properly. I am no longer dragging my leg behind me, and walking with a limp! I haven't nearly fallen over since my last lot of carpet burn over 3 weeks ago!! Go me!!

We have our first parent information night at school tonight. Seems that the kids have settled in well. The little princess loves coming home and telling me all about her day! Last night we had our first night of homework! Luckily its fairly basic and easy to do! She is sleeping well, and our routine seems to be falling into place. I am loving the snuggles in bed while we read a bedtime story, and she just rolls over and drifts off to sleep. This bug school stuff is tiring!

Life is good!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Basking in the glow!

I am having a warm fuzzy day today. Child free night last night, we didn't get home till midnight and lay away talking to 2am. It was so nice. Slept today till 8 (unheard of!) and then toddled off to a support group meeting with the people who have had the same op and me with the same surgeon. Its so great to be able to encourage people on their journey. From those who can't see how its possible to limit your intake so much, to those who think they will never ever get to their goal weight. It seems so unatainable, 50kg sounds so massive to me, but I have been lucky enough that it just melted away. I have no idea wether this is how its supposed to work, or if I am just lucky, but so far so good! Now to maintain. I am having a hard time getting clothes, 8's are a tad too small and 10's are too big. Less than 10 months ago I was a size 22 pushing 24, its just UNBELIEVABLE. So there i t is, from the fatest laziest person I know, I have become who I want to be. My song before was this one:

Now I am who I want to be......finally I am me......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An extra update!

Well I have taken some more pics, these are approx 51kg down. And pre op for comparison.


The hunt begins.....

For the last 12 months or so at work has been lovely. I work with great people in the office, but the other day one of them resigned. So its back to the drawing board, new staff member search is on!

Training not my forte, but its going to be my job. We have our first candidate up for an interview tomorrow. Its just so hard to make a decision in a short meeting. I have a list of description of duties. I think I have learnt my lesson from previous employees. Who would have thought it so difficult to find the "right" person.

There is nothing worse than putting in the time to train someone and then for it not to work out. Hopefully this time things go smoothly! Fingers crossed!

The stress of training and making sure I do it properly is daunting, but hopefully my errors in previous cases have taught me well!

So bring it on, I look forward to welcoming the right person into the fold of the family business!