Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The hunt begins.....

For the last 12 months or so at work has been lovely. I work with great people in the office, but the other day one of them resigned. So its back to the drawing board, new staff member search is on!

Training not my forte, but its going to be my job. We have our first candidate up for an interview tomorrow. Its just so hard to make a decision in a short meeting. I have a list of description of duties. I think I have learnt my lesson from previous employees. Who would have thought it so difficult to find the "right" person.

There is nothing worse than putting in the time to train someone and then for it not to work out. Hopefully this time things go smoothly! Fingers crossed!

The stress of training and making sure I do it properly is daunting, but hopefully my errors in previous cases have taught me well!

So bring it on, I look forward to welcoming the right person into the fold of the family business!

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