Monday, February 8, 2010

The wean starts....

Well I have been on steriods for a week to see if they help my leg recover from nerve damage. It seems to be working!! I have started to wean off them, which is weird, who would have thought 1 week of pills then a week to wean off them! But finally I feel like I am able to walk properly. I am no longer dragging my leg behind me, and walking with a limp! I haven't nearly fallen over since my last lot of carpet burn over 3 weeks ago!! Go me!!

We have our first parent information night at school tonight. Seems that the kids have settled in well. The little princess loves coming home and telling me all about her day! Last night we had our first night of homework! Luckily its fairly basic and easy to do! She is sleeping well, and our routine seems to be falling into place. I am loving the snuggles in bed while we read a bedtime story, and she just rolls over and drifts off to sleep. This bug school stuff is tiring!

Life is good!

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