Friday, February 5, 2010

Basking in the glow!

I am having a warm fuzzy day today. Child free night last night, we didn't get home till midnight and lay away talking to 2am. It was so nice. Slept today till 8 (unheard of!) and then toddled off to a support group meeting with the people who have had the same op and me with the same surgeon. Its so great to be able to encourage people on their journey. From those who can't see how its possible to limit your intake so much, to those who think they will never ever get to their goal weight. It seems so unatainable, 50kg sounds so massive to me, but I have been lucky enough that it just melted away. I have no idea wether this is how its supposed to work, or if I am just lucky, but so far so good! Now to maintain. I am having a hard time getting clothes, 8's are a tad too small and 10's are too big. Less than 10 months ago I was a size 22 pushing 24, its just UNBELIEVABLE. So there i t is, from the fatest laziest person I know, I have become who I want to be. My song before was this one:

Now I am who I want to be......finally I am me......

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