Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update after neuroligist visit!

I have been to see a neurologist today about the numbness in my legs. Turns out its not a B12 deficency (which he said is quite an unusal thing to have anyway), its from crossing my legs. Now that I don't have the padding on my knees anymore, my knee cap pushes on the nerve that helps my leg function. He said I have no muscle tone in my shin. He could see that by just looking at it. He said I could wear a brace on my ankle to stop ''ankle drop" which I have, and it has caused a few falls, but it shouldn't be necessary. He is sending a report to my dr and will put me on some meds to reduce the inflamation in the nerve and says it should be back to normal in a few weeks. they can do it by a needle or tablets so just to wait and see now what the dr does. If that doesn't work in 4 weeks he said an orthapedic surgeon can cut into my leg and release something that should fix it. So I'll pop off to the dr on friday (when he should have the report) and get these meds into me. I think he said that the injection would be cortizone? I have been walking a bit weird to compensate for my droopy foot, so that should go back to normal soon too!

Also on the weight side of things, seems I have finally stablised. I haven't lost any weight for about 3 weeks and I have also been able to manage a fairly normal diet.

So hooray, I think I might be coming right!!

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