Thursday, January 27, 2011

*suicide mentioned* I feel such a desperate need to help educate...

but I have no idea where to start. Its become apparent to me that a lot of people don't appreciate the finality of death. Today I was talking to a colleague who works for a different company. They are currently involved with 2 families of young suicide victims. One 13, one 14, one a gunshot wound, one a hanging. That to me is amazing. Amazing that 2 people so young could even contenplate suicide, let alone do it successfully. Its devistating, and it makes me wonder do they do it because they have lost all hope, or because they think "I'll show 'em". Do they not realise that its final. Over. Done. No coming back from it? It breaks my heart that there are children (and adults) out there who are so desperate that they can see no other solution.

I wonder if along with sex education we should be talking about depression, and where to get help, and who to talk to.

Its all well and good for a child who thinks no one cares to have 100's of people turn up to their funeral. Its too late then for people to be sprouting about what a wonderful person they were. Tell the people you love and care about now, how much they mean to you. Don't let them ever feel like they are alone. People need to be told they matter. That you love them. Please if you know someone who is suffering, reach out, tell them you care. Love them, and help them see that they matter to you.

I am so desperate to get out there and educate people, but I have no idea where to start. Life doesn't need to end, it needs to improve, and hopefully we can help people fix whatever it is that makes them feel unimportant.

**disclaimer** I know that for people with mental health issues, this runs much deeper, but more and more I am witnessing people (read: children) who are doing this because they have no friends (or think they have no friends), or they get a note sent home from the teacher and they are terrified of a parents response. Its just so horrific :( And we as a community need to do something about it.


  1. Being a teenager is hard, and it times painful. No one commits suicide because there friend did it, or they think its cool. I honestly believe that for those who commits suicide its their 'light at the end of the tunnel'. That it is the only way out.

    I whole heartedly agree that depression should be talked about FULL STOP. At school, At work, With family and Friends. Sadly there is still a stigma attached to mental illness.

  2. Hi Libby

    What you write is so true, my husband works with a lady who's son hanged himself a coupleof years ago. He was 16.

    I found your blog through Blog Love and am now your newest follower.

    Michelle :-)