Monday, January 31, 2011

So we made it through January.....

I had a good feeling about 2011. I have no idea why but I just did. So welcome to February!!

January has seen the rekindling of a friendship...which I am really happy about. It's seen the start of year one for my daughter. A visit from a friend from up north, and the beginings of a wonderful journey for her.

I have something on EVERY weekend in Feb. That NEVER happens. So I'm gonna live it up!!

And I think its finally time that I quit smoking. Since my op, I have had an aversion to the smell of it. I didn't have one for at least 3 months post op, then stupidly took it up again. Everyday I witness people dying from smoking related illness. I know better, I honestly do. But I have no idea why I continue to do it. I don't like the smell nor the taste. I only have one or two a day....I don't smoke at work...that was as a result of trying to prove a point to a colleague about how much time she was spending outside smoking instead of working. So I think that its time I gave it a serious go.

I am finally the size I have always wanted to its time to work on my fitness. We'll see how I go! I'm not very good at keeping new years resolution isn't going so well. My intention was to go to bed early and read instead of wasting hours in front of the computer or tv......well lastnight I managed to waster hours in fron tof both...headed to bed at 11.30pm.....and read for 1/2 an hour. So it seems like I am rebelling....against myself :P

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