Thursday, January 20, 2011

As summer holidays come to an end......

My baby is starting grade 1 on Monday. I miss having a baby, but as much as I say I'd love another one, I am really loving her at 6. She is just so much fun. This week daddy has been on holidays and off his own bat he has spent the entire week with her. It's been lovely for them to spend som quality one on one time together. I feel such a buzz knowing that he had the opportunity to send her to vacation care, but he opted to spend time with her.

This week I had the pleasure of spending some time with a friend I made on the Internet. We have met on two other occasions, one being when she flew down to surprise me at a coffee meet. She flew down with her baby just to see me. What an awesome chick...anyway I digress....this week she flew down to have the gastric sleeve done. She was booked to be done in cairns, but wasn't happy with her surgeon, so decided to come down to mine. I picked her up at the airport, and took her to some appointments to get ready for surgery the next day. The poor bugger was so nervous, but it made my heart sing when she told me that she felt at ease with my surgeon. I was nervous for her, I kinda felt a little bit of responsibility for her well being while she was here and so far from her loved ones. But I am so very please to report that her op went well, and she heads off home tomorrow to recover in the comfort of her own home. I know ghat this will be life changingnfor her and I am so proud of her making the decision to change her life and her sons life. Its onwards and upwards for her from here. Bring on a safe and gentle journey for her. I love her lots and lots xo who would have ever thought that the internet could be responsible for such a beautiful friendship!

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