Monday, January 3, 2011


Hey and happy new year to you all!
Its 5am and I am up at stupid o'clock for a good reason. My baby girl is having her teeth done today under GA, the dentist has no idea what needs doing, because she refused to even get up in the chair for an examination. All the dentist knows is that my darling is waking with a tooth ache. She can't eat after 5am, and her appointment is at 11am, so we got up at 4.30 to feed her!

I have taken her to the dentist 3 times, in the hope to encourage good healthy dental habits. The first dentist hurt her, the 2nd dentist got so far as having a tooth ready for filling, and she refused to let them do anymore, and the 3rd the other day when we organised for today. Its an extreme way to deal with it, but hopefully today's visit is positive. One thing I have promised is that she'll never have to go and see the pediatric dentist again, or at least this one. How she ever got into pediatric dental work amazes me! She told S that she HAD to get into the chair, and if she didn't she'd send mummy away! Reassuring to a six year old? No? No I didn't think so either!

I have found S's currency. The day we went to the dentist I booked her into dancing through school. She has wanted to do it for ages, so I told her that I would organise for dancing if she was brave at the dentist. Ah... blackmail at its finest!!

She's actually being much braver than I expected. I hope it doesn't all fall apart at the seams when we get there!
She is expecting a mask with 'giggle gas' in it. She's been telling everyone her latest joke, what goes ha ha ha *snore*? Sarah.....on giggle gas!

So fingers crossed for a successful appointment today!!

Onto other things!

So my first skinny healthy New Years has come and gone, and for a night spent at home I had a lot of fun! My husband bought me 3 little bottles of champagne. I said to him, why did you buy 3???? Theres no way I'll ever get through 3!! Well turns out we were 50/50. I did manage 2. The funny thing with this sleeve is that alcohol leaves me legless very very quickly, but I sober up very very quickly too. So the first bottle left me being stupid, the 2nd bottle said go to bed or you'll pay for it tomorrow. So I went to bed, woke up hangover free and ready to get out and enjoy life in 2011. I told my husband that 2011 is our year. Our year to really work on US, as a couple and a family!! My year was 2009-2010 and I took up a lot of time for my recovery and they stood by me through the lenghty process it was. So far so good!!

Bring it on.....and happy new year!

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  1. Bring on a great year for you all!

    Hope the dentist goes well :)