Sunday, May 10, 2009

Big goal!!!

Sorry its been so long since I gave an update. Its now 3 weeks since I had the op. I can drink fairly well, just have to take sips rather than gulps. I can get through a whole youghurt. I am still on mush, thats just for another week. I can get through a coffee now too. The girls at my local coffee shop were suprised when I ordered a mini instead of my usual maxi! So I had to tell them about my surgery.
I got ambitious yesterday and ordered grilled fish for lunch, thinking that it would just fall apart, but it was cooked in an egg wash, so I ate two bites and had to ignore the rest. I really thought I was going to be sick there in the middle of the resturant, got up walked around, and it was ok!
Mum asked me if it was worth it, well today I have hit my second mini goal, I am 10.2kg down!! Does that make it seem worth it??!! I think so!!
My scars are healing up quite well, the one I was concerned about seems to be ok now.
So onward an upward to the next goal!!

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