Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1 month post op

1 month yesterday since surgery. I have hit 13.8kg loss!!I am struggling a bit with nausea. Can't get much down. If I didn't know better I'd think I was pregnant, one nice run to the bathroom as soon as I get to work and then I am all right to go!I feel sick everytime I go to eat something, and because I don't feel like it I just don't eat. so my goal this week is to eat more.

Yesterday I ate
A few sips of coffee
A couple of teaspoons of weetbix
A couple of teaspoons of youghurt
A few sips of cuppa soup
And a few spoons of chicken pasta
125 ml of cordial

My dietitian wants me to eat
Porridge/weetbix for breakfast
1/2 an up and go m/tea
Meat and vegies for lunch
1/2 an up and go a/teameat
and vegies for dinner
apple and lite custard for desert
And a litre of water!
Ummm yeah good luck with that!!

So its been tough, by no means easy, but I can't believe that I have lost nearly 14kg in about 6 weeks! I would never have thought that possible!I can't really see except for my face that I have lost weight, but the girls at work are noticing it from other places. Maybe when I buy some clothes in smaller sizes and cuts I will notice more.

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