Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Its finally moving!!

Well the loss has finally started to happen. Today I have hit 11.2kg down! I just wish I was feeling better! I have maybe been a bit generous when it comes to food. I have been eating things that aren't mashed. I have been eating spag bol and stuff like that. Goes down fine, but for the last few days I have been feeling sick, which doesn't really make me want to eat, so its not really any wonder that I am losing weight. Just have to make sure to keep up my berocca and multi vitamin so that my body gets what it needs. So today I am back onto runny stuff. I have been advised that I might be feeling sick because I am pushing it, so I am going to go back a step and see if that makes me feel better.I have an appointment on the 20th with the surgeon for a follow up and his assistant took my cm measurements, so I will be interested to see how many cm's I've lost. Bec says she can see it on my body, I can only see it on my face and my shoulder blades at the moment. I haven't seen my best friend since before the surgery and I am kind of holding off seeing her cause I'd love for her to notice a big difference!!!Anyway thats where I am at, off to find something runny for breakfast!!

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