Sunday, May 24, 2009

5 weeks post op

5 weeks out, and 15kg down.But I am sick I don't really know why. I have been on reflux medication, and yesterday I read the side affects and it was nauesa, vomiting and diohreah. Der I have all of those since I started to take it. So I went to the Dr about the medication, and he gave me something else, but the chemist tells me its pretty much the same, so I have decided to stop taking anything and see if the reflux is gone, Its supposed to have settled down within 6 weeks. So I will wait and see if its gone before I start taking anything else.I think I am sick from being hungry, you know when you feel sick, you don't eat then you feel sick from hunger? And I can't force anything down. I am begining to think that its all in my head I just feel so terrible, all the time. Every morning, I have to throw up, at least once, I have constant nausea. Its making the 15kg I have lost not be impressive cause its too hard to get excited about anything. I just want to feel better

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  1. I really hope that things start you improve for you hun because you're doing an amazing job and have every reason to be so so very proud & excited!!!