Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Just a bulk update of the last few weeks:

Hi Guys, thanks Bec for your updates. I am sick, but I am not sure why. I have a feeling that I am sick from hunger but I can't eat anything, and I think that might be in my head. I have been trying to get some water in today because I am getting dehydrated again, and I have just thrown that all up Dad has his nurse friend coming over for a few days, A isn't going to be happy about that, but he's trying to help and I appreciate that. So we'll see if she can make me better!


Last text said "On oxygen and drip, waiting to get blood test results, then might be transferred to sunnybank under my surgeon to check for a leak" They should have checked for that when she was there on tuesday night the bastards

Well apparently its all my fault because I haven't been taking my nexim regularly. Mind you he didn't give me any when I checked out. So he has been in this morning and told me off and belittled me, made me feel like a hypocondriact. But good news is I have managed some apple juice without the dry wretch. And they think I should be going home tomorrow.

Ok so I am home and finally back at work for a couple of hours this afternoon. Still not feeling 100% but feeling better! Got some new clothes this morning, I bought size 18 pants. The ones I had on were 22 and they were falling down!!Its been quite embarrassing being back at work, everyone keeps coming in and commenting on the loss. I must learn to take compliments. So finally I hope that I might be able to enjoy this, instead of wishing I could turn back time.

***Jo - do not read this post (you hvae been warned ) ** Just having a whinge, and I am surrprised its taken me this long. I am 8 weeks out from surgery tomorrow, and I feel shite. I can't eat anything, and if I do its tiny tiny amounts. I hear "read" people talking about eating a saucer of food. I am lucky if I can eat 2 or 3 teaspoons. I am vomitting most days, no reason, just feel sick, and up it comes. I can drink fine, but food is a real issue. Surely my body can't survive on such little food. For example, yesterday I had a couple of sips of a hot choc, 1 cracker with vegimite and a sip of soup. I can't seem to find any information on why I feel a blockage in my throat. I think this blockage is whats causing me to be see. Its like when you poke your finger down your throat and you need to retch, like its just sitting there ready to make me spew!Food is such a huge part of your life and every single meal is affected by how I feel. We don't go out any where because I can't eat anything. I haven't got the energy just to cruise the shops. I have lost 20kg but I worry about it coming back when eventually I start to eat. **Little gap there where I went to be sick** I am just so over it, and somedays find myself wishing I had never done this to myself. On monday morning I will ring my surgeon and see if I can get in for some type of check up, I can't live like this.


Finally I have an appointment tomorrow to have an endoscopy I have found another patient of the same surgeon, 3 weeks behind me that is having the same issues, so hopefully by me going in tomorrow I can get her questions answered too!

Hi guys just checking in and updating how I went today.Had my endoscopy. He said there is a scratch in my throat that is healing, and there was food lodged in my throat, which he cleaned out. Asked me if I had eaten a passionfruit recently, I had kiwi fruit yesterday :LOL: So he could see where that had lodged! So After cleaning me out it feels soother, I don't feel like I need to be sick now, so obviously it was the food lodged in my throat that was sitting somewhere that was causing me to retch! My Dr was really nice today and I hope that now I can finally get some food in! I managed some chicken and vegies for dinner, so hopefully I might be on my way back!!

Well I have had my check up with the surgeon this morning. We have upped my reflux meds for a week to see if that stops the nausea....on a positive these are my measurements Chest -13cmWaist -15cmHips -19cmUpper right arm -5cmUpper left arm -4.5cmright thigh -10.5cmleft thigh -10.5cmWeight loss 24.2kgTOTAL CM's LOST - 77.5!!!!


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