Friday, April 24, 2009

I am 5 days post surgery

I am going to copy and paste some stuff in here cause my head still doesnt feel 100%!!
Hi guys, just checking in from my hospital bed! Feeling pretty sore and sorry for my self. I think I have been having reflux, which is what is making me the most uncomfortable. Haven't hS nything except water yet. Got mum to ring my Sarah and hold her off coming to visit till tonight, I was so out of it yesterday afternon.
Feeling heaps better todaya than yesterday, I love IV pain killers they rock.

And Jus, they took the paper undies when they gave me a sponge bath lastnight. :oops: They took any dignity I had too!

They gave me the option of going home today, but I will take advantage of having a choice and stay one more night.

Anyway just thought I'd say hi!!

Ok so today I am having a wtf have I done to myself day!! I feel really terrible. Can't get any sleep but i have to go home today because A has to go back to work tomorrow and I need to take Sarah to day care :(

I have only had about 300ml of water since monday morning, I am dying to gulp down a glass of water. I can't even stomach any mylanta. The have been giving me nexim injections for the reflux.

I will really try to eat some breakfast today, because I wonder if its also 'hunger'making me feel this bad.


Thank you all so much for your support. I must admit I might have underestimated the recovery. Bec has just been in to pick up Sarah, she is having a sleep over. I can't tell you how much my families support has meant to me, my brother even came and vistied yesterday and Mum was there when I woke up from the Op. Bec's been holding the office togethere and A has been great. Even following him getting 2 teeth pulled yesterday. We are like some silly head sore couple at the moment. I will get there, I have to I have no choice, this is not reversable, nor do I want it to be. Just getting through the next coouple of days is my first goal. The sleeve site I am on generally say you are back to normal about 1 week after surgery, 5 days to go.

Thank you all again x

Thanks girls, well after a good nights sleep I feel a lot better. I doubt that I would have been comfortable taking Sarah to daycare today, so I am so greatful that Bec took her for me.

Kirsty - You are right,I do need to drink more, I should be sipping to stave off dehydration. So I will start shortly.

I had a sustagen for breakfast, about 20ml! I can't believe that I could down that before without even thinking of it, now this one will last me 3 days!!

I have some good bruises on my legs from where they gave me my injections, took some photos of the damage whilst having a shower this morning.

I had to get off my arse and have a shower. I have a friend coming over :roll: She has had a lap band and she is off work sick, so thought she'd come and see me. She better not make me sick! :?

Anyway thats where I am at, thank you all for your thoughts. I am back to my surgery weight today, so tomorrow should show a loss!!!
Thanks again girls. Better to be safe than sorry. I can't believe that I am surviving on 1 ice block, 20mls of sustagen, and I am about to give some soup a go!

I should be drinking more water, but the gurgle is so weird. I don't get hunger pains but I do get the gurgle associated with hunger. So very strange!

Oh My God! Weighed in this morning I am down to 102kg!!!! Holy Hell!!

And I managed some porridge this morning!! Yay!!!

Yeah the bruises are from the anti blood clot injections, and they also gave me some anti nausea ones there too. They were actually painless to go in.

Re the up and go, I have only had sustagen so far, and that has lasted me 2 days, and hardly feels like I've even opened it. I have been a bit more experimental with volume today, so hopefully I will get through a popper soon! I have had some vitamin water, porridge and chicken soup. Have a bit of reflux, which is freaking horrible! I went out and about a bit today, I'm a bit slow, but getting there!

Had my dressings changed this morning, and the nurse said they are looking good. I don't have stiches just the steri strips.


And thats where I am at the moment, its been slow, but will be well worth it!!

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