Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Last day of solid food - pre op!!

I met my dietitian last night. He is good, and he has put my mind at rest and given me a diet plan for pre and post op, which is helpful and will help me be more organised. That was one of the things I was dreading. When I don't eat, I panic and reach for a quick fix, so I will be super organised, and never feel like this isn't being done for a reason, I hope. He showed me a glass of what my stomach capasity will be like, its going to be 200ml. Says that I will struggle to drink half a diet shake. I can't even comprehend that!! Told me to start using little cups and plates. And to stop drinking 10 minutes prior to meals and 30 minutes after. Which will be hard, because I normally get through a glass of something while I eat!
So today is the last day that I will ever be able to eat normally (as I know it now) I will be sleeved in 11 days!! OMG!!
Yesterday Sarah climbed up on my lap and said to me, do you know why I like cuddling you mummy? And I said why? She said cause you're all soft! Well not for much longer!!
Lastnight when I put her to bed, she was talking about me going to hopsital, because we were told one night, but research tells me 2 or 3, so I was preparing her for the fact it will be longer than one night. She started to cry, so I told her that when I get home and start to feel better I will be happy to take her to the park for a ride, and I'll buy a bike so we can go riding together. She was so excited, and to tell you the truth, so am I!

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  1. Good luck!!!!
    It is going to be a bumpy ride but one that I'm sure is worth it.