Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 4 - 6 to go!!

Well I am really struggling here today :(
Last night we went to the local RSL for dinner, I had vegies and the others had steak or fish and chips and pavlova for desert. I was so tempted to eat a chip or some fish, but I didn't and the will power it took made me feel like crying. :oops: I even picked up a chip to feel if it was crunchy :shock: After Bec and Jase and the kids had gone I told A how difficult that was, and he actually said, I am proud of you! I can't believe how deep my issues with food are if I nearly cry when I am forced to use my will power.
I am feeling water logged and I've only drunk about 1 litre, still another one to go!
I am feeling pretty happy with myself that I have stuck to this so well. I didn't have a taste of chocolate yesterday, was [i]hardly[/i] tempted Sarah got so much choc, and I know she'll forget about it and it will go in the cupboard to be thrown out before next easter Or added to the school raffel basket
I am down 2.4kg today, which is pretty amazing for 3 days!
This time next week I will be sleeved!!!

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