Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 sleeps to go!

Well another couple of days down and a couple of days closer. I had my booking in appointment at the hosptial this morning. They got me to fill in some forms gave me an EKG and some soap and told me to be there at 7am on Monday.

Sarah is looking forward to sleeping over at Pam's house on Sunday night. And the nurse told me today that I would only be in one night, so I might be home on Tuesday. Which she'll be happy about!

I am a bit apprehensive about only being in for one night. The pros to staying a couple more is that I get the IV pain killers and only have to lay there. At home I won't be able to help myself I will keep getting up to do stuff! And in hospital your "meals" are provided and I don't have to cook them!! I will request another night if I feel like I need it. I worry about there being a leak, and if I am in hospital they will catch that!

I haven't had anymore weightloss which is weird but its TTOM so hopefully I will get a nice surprise in a day or two. I am feeling good, really good. I haven't cheated and eaten anything I shouldn't have, except a small bake at home roll 3 days ago. And I didn't really need that, just did it because thats what I do and thats my problem!!

We have been flat out at work so I haven't really had a chance to think about being on a diet much, which is usually what I do, and I think about what I am missing out on!

So I am happy, and approaching this with excitement, I can't believe that this time in 12 or even 6 months I will look differently!!

Off to have a nicely warmed optifast, actually enjoying them now!

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