Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eight days to go!

Well its the end of day 2 on the shakes. And I dont think I have done too badly. It hought it would be harder being at home for the two days, but bother afternoons when I start to get hungry, I slept, so that filled in some time! :P I do have headaches too, they can be avoided by drinking more water which I havent done much of today!

I haven't really struggled as badly as I thought. I hope the fact that work is busy at the moment will help me fill the next 2 days in the office on my own! At least there is nothing to snack on there!
I did have a loss of 500g this morning, so hopefully will lose a couple of KG in the next 8 or so days.

I went shopping to get some of the meal replacement bars today, they want $20 for 6. I don't thinks so.

Bought myself some new grannie jammies for hospital today, I don't know how long I'll need them for,I guess the first day I will be in a hosptial gown, but I wanted something nice to wear afterwards.

A is asleep ATM so I just had to make a peanut butter sandwich for Sarah on fresh white bread!! Oh the temptation!!

So anyway day 2 mostly down, only 8 to go!!!

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