Monday, April 6, 2009

Deposit paid!

Well I have just paid the $5000 deposit.
I have had a lot of operations (3 or 4) in my life, but I have never ever had to pay for them!!
I am actually looking forward to starting opitfast on Friday. 10 days of shakes for every meal, and 2 cups of vegies a day. I am going to start making some stirfry vegies in bulk for lunches and dinners, and I'd also like to make some soups for the first few days home after surgery.
I see the dietian on Wednesday. I am also looking forward to seeing him, apart from the fact that he sounds hot :signmuahaha: I am looking forward to some assistance on how to adapt to my new smaller tummy!
Its hard to explain to a four year old why mummy is going to hospital. This morning she said she will miss me, and she doesn't want me to go, and I tried in the best way possible to explain to her that this surgery will help me to be able to enjoy the future with her, to help me get fit enough to take her to the park willingly, and run along beside her when she rides her bike.

I have done a little bit of preop prep. Like buying soluble painkillers, de gas, to remove the gas they pump you up with, must get the suitcase out so I can add things as I think of them! Must put some music on my new ipod so I can take that with me too!


  1. Lib, check out the taste website for soups. My mum found she tired of the same old boring soups (chicken & veg, pumpkin etc) and started cooking all kinds of soups after her op.

    Also look for soluble vitamins.