Monday, April 27, 2009

8 days post op

Ok won't be as lazy as I was last post, I will write this instead of copy and pasting!!

Surgery wise things are going good. I have one particular incision that is causing me a bit of pain, so I took the bandages off and had a look and it looked terrible! So on the way home from work yesterday I bought some more steri-strips. Got home jumped straight into the shower thinking that the water would loosen the ones that weren't already falling off, wrong. So I started to peel them off and I split the scar on my belly button **Cry** Ouch, made me feel sick, and due to the dynamics at home at the moment, I had to do it on my own. So I did it, and then had to sit down because I felt exhausted. I have a really sore back at the moment too.

I am feeling a bit down today, could be whats going on at home (or whats not more to the point), or the fact that I get to work and my brother has blocked my husbands emails from coming through. With what is going on at home at the moment, that's all I need, for him to think I have blocked him. And more to the point WTF does he think even touching my email. I am 100%certain he gets personal emails on his work email, apart from the fact that he has organised building his new house during work for the last 8 or so months. Hypocrite. Makes me so angry.

Anyway that was a depressing blog! My day can only get better from here, surely?

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