Friday, May 7, 2010

My 12 month update....

OK so I have been slack again. You shouldn't really expect anything else from me....really.
The lead up to my 12 month sleeversary was spent throwing up. For some unknown reason I started to vomit everything I ate. We went to Melbourne on holiday and I hardly ate for the whole week, and when I did I had to find places to throw up. One night we had to all jump off the tram so I could spew in a park. I hurt my back in the spa because my bones were leaning on the wall, and pushing against the edge. I cried, and had a sore back the whole week. I got home and when I hit 46.8kg I panicked and rang my surgeon. I had a check up so he saw me then, told me I needed to eat more, and it didn't matter if I threw up as long as some stuff was staying down. I seemed to be able to get liquid in but nothing solid. So after I left his office (mum was with me) I got back to work and started to be sick, really violently, so mum sent me home to bed, and her and my siblings decided to stage an intervention. She rang my surgeon and cried and told him she thought she was going to lose me if something wasn't done. So he said send her up to the hospital and I'll admit her. So A packed everything up and rushed me up to the hospital. They put me on Ensure which is a high calorie shake that they give nursing home paitents, and I mostly threw that up. They kept me in hosptial for about 3 days (not sure how many I had it all posted on a forum, that was upgraded and I lost all the emotive postings I made during my recovery) When I got home I was still throwing up, and I sent an email to the surgeon, he rang me at 3.30pm and I was at the hosptial having a barium study done to see if I had a blockage (in the lead up to my admission I had an endoscopy that came up clear) They thought I may have had a slight twist in my tummy. I think they also wondered wether I was suffering from some sort of eating disorder. Anyway turns out the study was all clear and there isn't anything wrong. He did say I have a pouch thing that usually allows people to gain weight rather than lose it. Not me apparently! So anyway I decided it was up to me to get myself healthy. I met with the dietian and he told me how to add 3000 calories to my diet A DAY! So I have done what he said and this is the first 5 days I have had vomit free! I can eat, and keep it down, and twice this week I have had dinner twice! (A is an awesome cook!)
The dietitan wants me to aim for a 500 gram gain a week, I have gained 200 this week so far so its looking good. I have some photos of me at 50kg that I will add, but I am now on operation gain 10kg (At least) Who would have ever thought I'd have that problem!? I am feeling so much better, no longer full of regrets, and I can concentrate, which is making work a lot more tolerable, I was muddling through before, now I can concentrate and am not rushing at the last minute struggling for my attention to kick in.
So now I need to add some kilos then I can start on some muscle regain. My butt is funny, it looks like a 60 year old woman. My hip bones stick out and I look sick, the photos I have posted don't look too bad, but I do, I look sick, and unhealthy,
but soon I won't. Bring it on!! My surgeon and dietitian have been great through all of this, and finally I hope to be a model example for a successful sleever for them!



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  3. I'm so glad you're feeling better Lib, poor thing, how frightening!

  4. Oh my dear friend it is so good to hear that the dietician is exactly what you needed AND you can keep food down.