Friday, March 27, 2009

Exciting times!!

Well its been a while. Sorry, so much for being a good blogger, good intentions and all that.

Since I was on here last I have been on a P&O cruise to Vanuatu Lifu and Nouemea, and I have also been to the dr about a referral to see a lapband doctor. My appointment is on Monday to see him.

Told A that I would get the groceries on the way home, and he said won't you be in pain?

I think he thought that I just go in on Monday and its done. Umm not that easy.

Its looking like costing about $5000 out of pocket, but I figure over the years I have spent that on diets anyway, so it will be worth it. I have a friend who has lost 3o kgs in about 3 months, so I am hoping it works like that for me too!
I have done so much research into the proceedure over so many years but I have always felt too vain to do anything about it. I don't feel as heavy as the scales say, but I must be pretty heavy because my BMI is what they want it to be to go ahead with the surgery, so bring on Monday!!!!

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