Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well today this little piggy is weighing the same as she did a few months ago when I first started really doing something, then I fell off, put on some more weight, and now I am back at the starting weight from a few months ago. Friggen story of my life! And this morning while I was weighing in, I had wet hair, so that has to count for some grams surely!!??

This weekend we are off to the races, Sarah is staying with mum and A is coming with me. Its with a workmate and a former workmate nd a group of their friends. Last time we went was great, so I have high hopes for this weekend. I have a fasinator, and shoes picked out, going for a pedicure today so I can show off my toes, now to chose the dress, don't have many to chose from but I have a few days to chose!

I am determined to get up my water intake, so today I will be drinking more water than yesterday! Which was none!! :P

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  1. How was the races? Any pictures? - I bet you looked stunning!