Tuesday, March 31, 2009

surgery date set!!!

Well I have thought long and hard about this, and I have finally done something about it.
On the 20th of April, I am having surgery to remove part of my stomach. Sounds drastic, but it is an alternative to the lapband.
What they do is they cut off part of your stomach, leaving you with a 200ml "pouch" which is more like a tube, thats why they call it a sleeve. There is nothing forgein inserted, just a smaller area to fill with food.

I have a friend who has had a lapband recently, she spends every meal uncomfortable because she can't get any food through her band. I won't have that problem, the food goes in, its not blocked by anything, but I can only eat 200mls worth of food, including drinking.
The only real side effect is that there may be leakage where they seal up the new side of my stomach, and that it's non-revesable. But I am not going into this looking for it to be revesable. I am not spending $6000ish to have it reversed. I have had all the blood tests, submitted the paperwork, and on the 10th I start an optifast diet. That means optifast for 10days prior, and I can have vegtables to fill myself up if I need to. Then after surgery I have optifast for 2 weeks and can move onto mush.
On the 15th I have a pre op ECG, and am admitted on the 20th at 7am.

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  1. Good on you!
    I would love to have something like this done. I have just started looking into lapband so I will watch your progress as well. I have never heard of this but wishing you all the best!