Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2 year anniversary.......

Well tomorrow it will be 2 years since I took the plunge and did something entirley selfish, and did something for no one but me.

This time 2 years ago, I bet I was starving! I bet all I could think about was food! I bet that I was nervous as hell. Who wouldn't be? Who in their right mind, would ask a surgeon to remove the majority of their stomach to assist them with weightloss.
Well opinions I have encountered since the surgery say that its only the fat people who are too lazy to get off their arse and do something about it themselves that would resort to something so drastic.

Not true. Prior to having my op, I had spent thousands on diets. Shakes, Pills, measured meals, drinking apple cider vinegar. God, I tried everything. And every time I failed. I'd lose ten kilos, then I would gain 15. Then summer would roll around and I'd have made it to another summer, yet again too disgusted with myself to get out and enjoy it.

I had to do something drastic. All the normal methods hadn't worked for me. And weren't doing wonders for my self esteem.

So I did it. My family suffered. I suffered. Its caused arguments, tears, hospital admissions, worries about mental stability, but mostly its provided me with freedom. The freedom to shop wherever I want to. The freedom to wear shorts and not feel embarrassed. The freedom to strutt (and trust me, I do strutt).

I want to say thank you to everyone who's been on this ride with me all along, and those who have joined in along the way. I am so proud to have been an example and an inspiration to people who have gone on to be sleeved after reading my blog and sharing my story.

On sunday we leave on a South Pacific Cruise, 2 years ago we also went on one. That is the cruise that made me realise it was time to get drastic. The photos from that cruise had me in tears. The photos from this cruise will have me proudly smiling and most likely showing off my tummy!!

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