Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh.My.God. The gluttens!

I have no idea if I spelt that correctly or not, but tonight has been an eye opener. I have just gotten home from dinner at Sizzler. We had a friend down from Mackay so our entire family + extras met her and her daughters at Sizzler for dinner. I can't believe that sizzler still have such a huge following! The que was out the door and around the corner!
People are just amazing. There is no time limit, yet everyone stumbles over each other to fill up their plates. At the desert bar there was a woman telling her friend to load up 2 plates so they didn't have to come back between plate loads, meanwhile others are waiting for the plates to be replenished. There was a table of kids near us, they were stuffing themselves like they'd never eaten before!

I was so embarrassed for people!

Truth be told, if I hadn't had my surgery, I would have been them. Thank god for my sleeve.

In other news......

there is something going on with my body. I am having panic attack type things where I feel like I need to eat and I need to eat right now. I used to get this pre sleeve, but just in the last few weeks its been getting worse. I am trying to increase my intake to stop the hunger panic happening. But I don't get hungry, so I can't judge my need to eat, I really only eat because I have to. I eat junk, and its my downfall. I think I might be needing to get my blood sugar level checked. I don't know if its because I am going slightly glyco or something, but it makes me feel terrible. I get the shakes, and hot spots on my arms, my face goes numb and I feel panicky. Its weird. So I will head off to the dr to get checked out. As I said above we just got back from sizzler and I felt like that. I had just eaten more than I usually do and I felt this weird feeling coming over me, like I had to eat. So I've had a coffee and a fruit filled bar and I'm off to bed to see if I wake up feeling better tomorrow!
Good night all!

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