Monday, August 23, 2010

Here I am again...

I have had the most awesome weekend! I worked on Saturday, got heaps of work done, and finally my in tray is empty! My head feels much clearer now my desk is in order. On Sunday I had to go to Ikea to get something for my friend who doesn't have access to Ikea. So we choofed up there, daddy came and the little princess and he had $3 breakfast, he went to do the grocery shopping, she went to the kids club....and I went wandering. After kids club, we went next door and went through spotlight, then jumped in the car and went to the local "mall". All up we were shopping for 5 hours, had breakfast, cupcakes and lunch out, and topped it all off with a nanny nap! 18 months ago there is no way I could have done a marathon shopping trip like that! This is the freedom of my life now. I can go from one end of a mall and back and it doesn't wear me out like it used to!

The little princess will be little miss 6 in a month or so and this year I am going to attempt the cake. I saw this cake on a forum I visit last week and its awesome and super easy, so this will be the cake!
In true princess style she's decided she wants to stay at a hotel instead of having a party, so I am thinking we might spend what we planned on spending staying at the marriot at Surfers Paradise. She loves to swim and they have a pool that have real fish in it, she'll love it and I'll get a chance to get some sun!

Life is good!

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