Thursday, March 4, 2010


Arrgghhh slackity slack!!! Thought I'd post that I have 900grams to lose before I am 1/2 the woman I used to be!!
I am off to the races tomorrow, I have posted a pic of what I looked like at my last races outing and a pic of my new dress for tomorrows races!! What a difference!!

My new dress shows my knees. I never ever wear anything that shows my knees, but I guess tomorrow will prove that I can go out baring my knees now!

This is so weird. In such a short space of time so much has changed. The confidence I feel now is so high. I walk taller, and I walk with pride.

Lastnight I tried on a size 8 and it was too big!! Just such a change from this time last year, I was a 22-24. I can't believe the changes in my life since then!! I am almost 11 months out, I can't believe that its been nearly a year already!!!

I am still running into people that I know who don't recognise me, its quite empowering! Anyway till next time! Keep safe

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