Thursday, September 1, 2011

My birthday is coming.....time to reassess my goals....

Arrgggh so I tried to do this on the ipad but I here I am adding to it from the lappy.

My 33rd birthday is coming. In fact its 3 months from tomorrow. Things have changed so much since I turned 30. And other things haven't changed at all. My goal was to climb the storey bridge for my 30th. FAIL. I was going to be slim and fit. Fact of the matter is I was over 100kg, and I didn't climb the bridge. Between now and then I have lost over 50kg. BUT my fitness hasn't improved. At. All. I have the things I need, I have the motivation. I have the tunes. I have the gear. I have no drive.

Its like drawing. When I lay in bed at night, I can draw the most beautiful pictures. In reality I can't draw a goat on the white board. Much to the disgust of my nearly 7 year old. But in all fairness, neither can she :P

I think about running. I imagine the wind going past my face. The total alone time. Totally alone in my thoughts. Lost and just running. But I still can't bring myself to start. And thats all it is, I am sure. Once I start I'll be ok. But I just need to start.

Gahhhhh I hope the spring, brings fresh things to my life. Its a fresh start. In so many more ways than one....and I am looking forward to the future.

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