Monday, February 28, 2011 arms.....

I have NEVER EVER stayed at a steady weight ever. I currenly steady but a photo taken on the weekend has shocked me. Thats me in the pink on the right. I still have the mental battle that I have always had. I still have that urge to eat stuff I shouldn't. My diet is shocking. I really need to do some exercise and work on my muscle tone. My bum is still painful. I can't sit for a long time without pain, and if a chair isn't padded it can bring tears to my eyes. In my usual form I am having issues putting what I want to say into words. But this photo makes me realise that I really need to work on myself. My arms shocked me.
On the weekend I had a full body massage and it was so weird to feel her making contact with my bones. Usually I would worry about what the massage therapist would think of me. This time I was thinking my god she can feel all my bones. Its gone from one extreme to the other.

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