Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Egh...I wanna go back to bed.....but it is improving...albeit slowly!

So my day started with a good point, and a bad point. Alarm goes off, and I hear the thump thump of little feet running up the hallway, and S bounds into the bedroom and jumps up on the bed. She turns the TV on, rolls over, puts her back to me, and demands I cuddle (or cuggle in her baby talk :P ) her. So I snuggle into her, and then realise that I have a THUMPING headache. I jump out of bed and leave her to snuggle while I had a hot shower. Nope didn't work. My sister drops her kids off, the minute she's out the door, we all jump in the car to go via Hungry Jacks on the way to school for breakfast. Its not really on the way, but its new so we have to try it. Order is taken, move forward to pay, didn't check the eftpos machine, just put in my pin number and sat there waiting for her to hand over the food. She (the girl at the window) goes trotting off, and the manager comes back. All apologetic saying we mucked up the transaction, you've been charged for another cars order. It was $3.95. So instead of charging me the difference, she refunds the $3.95, then charges me the $19 for our correct breakfast. While I was waiting for all that to go through, I was thinking of the girl who served me. Obviously she was afraid to tell me she'd screwed up and had to run and get a manager to deal with it. God if that was the biggest problem she had all day, she's gonna have a good day. If only the problems we all deal with on a daily basis are so easily fixed!

Anyway, Dad is here at work today, and it must be spring. He's been runing his eye over my work space, and dying to rearrange everything. So I let him at it. One room is totally rearranged, and I have nice and tidy set of cupboards. Its stuff I have been meaning to do for ages!!

So my day is getting better, the headache is gone, its a lovely temperature, Mum and Dad are having the kids on Saturday night, we go away next weekend for the princess's birthday, and life is good....mostly :P

Oh and FTR, I was recognised out on the weekend! We were at our local show, and someone asked me if I was Lib. She was sitting next to S waiting for a turn on the massive jumping castle thingo. She knows me from a forum I frequent, and has obviously seen my pics online! I have also been a follower of her blog! It's so weird, but so nice at the same time. I wish I had the balls to approach people I recognised!



  1. Isn't it a lovely suprise when someone recognises you in 'real life', I always get such a buzz!

  2. Oh and for the record I was much more comfortable approaching you then when I saw Descentia. She's lovely though and I shouldn't have worried.

  3. No way in hell I'd approach her......... I often wonder if I have seen her around!